Using Bird Feeders the Correct Way

Bird feeding can be a very relaxing and fulfilling hobby; not to mention an enjoyable one too. Millions of Americans enjoy feeding birds every year. But you need to know the proper methods of feeding to ensure that these feathered creatures derive the benefits.

Zealous bird feeding without thought or planning might lead to death of birds through window-kills or stray cats, or lead to inaccessibility of food.

Here are tips on how to prevent that and feed birds correctly with minimal effort:

1) Place your bird feeders at different heights.

Sparrows feed on the ground while cardinals prefer shrubs and woodpeckers like trees. Get different types of outdoor bird feeders like table-type for ground level birds, treetop for trees and hopper for shrubs.

2) Give the birds diverse feed in different outdoor feeders.

You will attract maximum number and variety of birds through a variety of seeds in each feeder. Black oil sunflower seeds are a favourite of many birds.

3) Offer suet to birds during cold weather only

Beef fat is best suited for the winter months and make sure to keep it away from dogs.

4) Make a mixture of peanut butter and corn meal

Instead of suet, offer peanut butter and corn meal in the hot summer months. The ratio should be 1:5, with peanut butter being one part.

5) Give fruits for birds that love to gorge on berries

Many feathery creatures like robins, bluebirds and more love to eat up sweet fruits.

Keep your outdoor bird feeder away from pests like squirrels and predators like cats and dogs to ensure that the birds eat safely.