How Alejandra Created a Gorgeous Home

The phrase “minimalist house” has been misconstrued of late, and the term doesn’t necessarily denote the absence of uniqueness, color, individuality, or history. But a large majority of the results from a Google search typically show sleek, modern, white homes. This is but one take on a theme, where a gorgeous home can be created in many ways utilizing a minimalist approach. The minimalist way of decorating is not merely about removing everything necessary, but rather taking all elements down a level to maximize the space.


Minimalism can be used to create a beautiful, imaginative space devoid of clutter and full of charm. How does one create a great minimalist home?


  1. Begin with White

white furnitures

Embrace the beauty of white space, which isn’t just about color, but about bare space. Ridding your house of excess items will bring you closer to that white space. For white furniture, be sure to use a steam cleaner to feature it in pristine condition.


  1. Use What You Have

gift box

Just because you’re redecorating, it doesn’t mean you necessarily need new things. More than likely, you already own beautiful items that are just waiting to be rediscovered. Turn a birthday present into a piece of art displayed on a wall. Use that vintage lamp for a lounge table. Hang artwork from your children or other relatives and tell a story. All of these options add character and personality to a space.


3. Create a Beautiful Foundation

beautiful living room

Once you’ve decided which items in your white space to feature, now is the time amount of furniture needed to form a solid base for creating a gorgeous home. Finding the foundation means knowing which items are needed in every room to function. After the foundation has been set, the mementos and artwork that you select will highlight the space so choose each piece carefully.


Tips to Create a Stunning, Personality-Filled Minimalist Home



  • Handmade Touches – a family heirloom in a room adds a gorgeous burst of personality

engagement and wedding ring


  • The Beauty in the Utilitarian – useful areas can be beautiful areas as well, and simply by creating character around a hat stand or dresser drawer, the space can become beautiful all on its own.
  • Art as the Centerpiece – even a small painting or photograph can transform a room into something more meaningful and charismatic


  • Decorate with Light – bold colors can add more personality than any new piece of furniture. Use light to feature any artwork hanging in the room



  • Use Dark Colors – darker hues can add an element of mystery especially when juxtaposed against darker furniture or white space.



  • Color as Décor – there are no rules when it comes to your minimalist space and that includes using color on the walls to add warmth and charm.



  • Antique Furniture – using second-hand or vintage furniture when decorating your minimalist space adds a hint of history to a room and often times, a story.



  • Texture to Decorate – Lace or satin curtains are simple, smart options to consider when decorating a room



  • Favorite Color(s) – if you have a set of favorite colors you would like to incorporate into your space, by all means, add the colors that are the most soothing and exciting to you.



  • The Room Should Speak Volumes – a minimalist approach means saying a lot without using the extra bells and whistles. Resist the urge to use up all the space in a room and enjoy the extra room as it has been designed.