Alejandra’s Tips for Moms

Moms everywhere experience the same problem as old as time itself: not enough time in the day to get everything done or done well. Mothers are expected to carry out all of the household duties from shopping to cleaning and everything in between, leaving them exhausted and always on the search for ways to maximize time. By elevating organizational skills, moms can finally get it together and be able to spend more quality time with their family.

Save time by making duplicates of the items you use most often in your house, create a user-friendly filing system for menus, sales notices, coupons, and online sales sites. Organize finances better by devising a system to mark payments on a calendar and/or paying bills electronically to reduce the need for envelopes and stamps. Remove excess clutter from your household by choosing digital subscriptions over paper options. The more phone apps you have, the fewer electronic copies are necessary in your life. When cleaning your house, set aside bins for old clothes from wardrobes, as well as bins to donate, sell, or throw in the trash. Any clothes that you fail to wear during a season is a sure sign to give them away. Minimize time spent online each day and run all errands once a week, utilizing a thorough list and quickest route. Assign drawers and closet space for all your children’s clothes, with shoes and socks neatly stored away.

Household duties can also be optimally delegated to maximize time. Set aside half an hour each day for the entire family to get involved in the household chores from vacuuming and washing the dishes to setting the table and sorting through laundry. During the weekends, hire a babysitter and invest those hours thoroughly cleaning your entire house and running essential errands without children in tow. Always keep a drawer in the kitchen freshly stocked with vegetables and fruits so kids can enjoy as they want. Chop vegetables needed for the week’s meals all at one time and then sort for cooking later. Another rule of thumb is to purchase meat that can be reconstituted for others meals later in the week. Chicken and pork are versatile meats that can be used in salads, sandwiches, and even soups. A meal exchange program between neighbors will have your home soon stocked with an assortment of homemade dinners for your entire family. Shop for gifts online when possible, including diapers, toys, holidays, and birthday gifts. Grocery shopping during the weekend or late at night are also ways to maximize the time and reduce stress when looking for items. Using the post office after the late afternoon cuts down on long lines, and sending thank you notes electronically saves time and money. Store overnight bags in the car for everyone in the house, with a small folder set aside that includes a list of your most important personal contacts for emergencies. Create a small storage container for all medicine and first aid kits, with dosage instructions written neatly inside.

Making the most of these great tips are excellent ways in which moms everywhere can reduce stress and live a more enjoyable daily life. If you are not sure of where to start, rank the duties in order of importance and then come to the rest later. Make a detailed list of duties each week and include all chores and the schedules of each child to assess their levels of importance and prioritize them. Above everything else, trust your instinct and learn how to master the art of a firm no. Once you have trained your entire, the stress levels of everyone in the family, including mom, will be dramatically reduced.